Pengaruh Pemberian Beberapa Jenis dan Dosis Pupuk Kandang (kotoran ayam, kotoran sapi, kotoran kambing) Terhadap Pertumbuhan Tanaman Murbei (Morus australis P) Syamsul Rijal1, Anwar Umar2, Samuel A Paembonan3 #CONTRIBUTOR# text local jou local dc_document #PUBLISHER# 2017 ind Natural silk is an agro-industrial activity that includes silkworm breeding, cultivation of mulberry, raising silkworms, spinning yarn, weaving, dyeing, printing and manufacturing of finished goods other including marketing. To Increase the productivity of mulberry leafs must used the right mulberry cultivation technique and need to know the fast growing technique and economically of mulberry plant.One of effort that is done to meet the needs of nutrient elements is the provision of fertilizer. Giving the right fertilizer requires of soil fertility knowledge. This study aims to investigate the effect of giving multiple types and dose of fertilizer on mulberryÂ’s (Morus australis P) growth and to determine the effect of the best type and dose of manure to mulberryÂ’s (Morus australis P) growth and to investigate the combination of several types and doses of manure on mulberryÂ’s (Morus australis P) growth which made the best production. This research was conducted in mulberryÂ’s research station of Balai Persutraan Alam Bili-bili, District of Bontomarannu, Gowa regency, South Sulawesi, at an altitude of 215 meters above sea level. The research was carried out for 8 weeks on March until May 2015. The experiment using factorial with completely randomized design. Treatment applied is the provision of three types of manure and control with three different doses. The observed variables were the number of leaves, number of stems and plantÂ’s height. The results showed that giving multiple types and doses of fertilizers (chicken manure, cow dung, goat dung) can increase the productivity of mulberry plants and treatment p1d1 (chicken manure with a dose of 0.5 kg / plant) has an average value higher than all treatments and interactions only occur at doses on the growth of the number of leaves and number of stems. Natural Silk, fertility, fertilizer #RIGHTS#